Monday, 29 June 2009

serveral drawings i have created this week. thinking of trying indian ink with a twig, i have decided to use a twig insted of a paint brush as i have better control of the ink when im producing my fine line stroke and it doesnt cause splodges which i have a tendancy of doing with a paint brush for some reason. perhaps i have a heavy hand when paintin :S.

but yeh i have used a twig back in my illustration corse last year and it makes me feel more comftable in using indian ink. so im going to get into that in 3 days time.

the top 2 images are done in pgiment pens which i always love using for drawing realisrtic stuff like people and landscapes of towns and fancy buildings. i also enjoy doing my own stuff such as character designs n anythin surreal with patterns in it :D.

o yeh i also made an account on which is like a communitie of illustrators,photographer and digital arts people. always a treat to browse through peoples work on there so go check it out


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

several designs i have created for my business cards and stickers.