Tuesday, 3 July 2012

MOOMIN Screen print design

Here is a picture of a screen print design iv done for the creative agency monorex.
this month is there 8th birthday ceremony and they have ask a few artist to come up with designs based on popular childhood cartoon shows.

I was going to create a design for my favourite show ren and stimpy but unfortunately someone else went for that idea.
so i took on Moomin as it was also one of my favourite shows as well.

took a while to figure out how to layout the design as it is going to be printed on A4 hard paper in one colour.
I used allot of 01 pigment pens to fill in my trademark pattern style and also fill it with dot shading (still getting use to doing this technique)that took hours to do. but with all the patience and hard work put into it i finally fiished it in time before the deadline :D.

let me know what you think!

also! did some fun color versions to see what it will be like.