Friday, 26 February 2010

havnt done this type of sketching for a while. used picture reference of kate moss inn different positions .

really enjoy drawing in this style :)

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Hand job

Today i decided to practise on my hand drawings as im slightly rusty in that department as well as drawing feet , which is a bitch to do if anyone knows what i mean. if only feet was more simple looking , perhaps box shape feet then id be happy :D. thhough box feet would probably suck to wlk about n not very attractive looking... but wateva!.

i done different variety of hand postitions that i have sketched from magazines n photos and also my hand.

i also did a arm coverd in tattoo as i was bored n thought it be fun to do. i then coloured it in on photoshop which i am now use to using, thanks to my trusty drawing tablet, yay!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Hey guys.

This week iv been busy with a few comissions but finally finished a shirt comission iv done for miss charlie bath who i also have done a cd cover design for her new album that will be released on the 27th this month which should be exciting to see!.

her website is you can check out her music on myspace aswell which is

the design i did is similar to the style of the cd cover as she wanted the artwork to fit with the shirt design. so i put on my creative hat n came up with a design of a bird but created in a pattern style. was fun to draw but time consuming doing so.

i looked through my trusty book of british birds to get some ideas on feather layouts and different patterns on feathers for this project.

the background i did was improvised but looked at geometrical shapes and plants for reference on it.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

havnt done a surreal portrait in months and need to practice draeing more photorealistic this week.

this is a first of 3 portraits i will be creating for a exhibition show due somtime in march for

this is a sneak peek of the collection so if u want to see the rest then i recommend you wait patiently till march :P