Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Its been a busy month for me on the start of 2011!
as a new start of the year i will most definatly be posting more pieces and sketches up on here so keep your eyes pealed for that :D.
this month iv been comissioned to do a epic wall piece for the amazing be-street for there exhbition at ice shop mess around. you can check them out on
i had to create a somewhat winter season landscape that involved a yeti and my style of pattern drawing. this is what i came up with :D:

the wall designs scaled to 11m long and 2 m high which was a challenge for me to scale somthing that big on my laptop, fortunatly i managed to do it and turned out really cool ! the designs where imported onto illutrator and then vectored so that it doesnt pixelate when scaling them.

hopfully will do more of this type of work somtime in the future :)

chow! x