Saturday, 29 November 2008

Friday, 28 November 2008

Thursday, 27 November 2008

this one i didn't Harv the energy of patents to create this. Took me 3 Min's to sketch up and I'm slightly satisfied of the out come even though it is different from what i usually draw.

I drew a second image using pencil and red Biro, cartoon like theme to it with only detail within the face.
i enjoy only shading the faces of my subjects as it stands out more when you don't add depth of detail to the body.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

a couple of sketches i've done tonight with pen, was bored so i decided to do the images free hand without planin it out. kinda looks cool

yeh i paint aswell :D

a couple of paintings i have done few months ago for my college final exhibition, the 2 other paintings below iv done for a art compitition. fortunatly 1 of the paintings took second place n i got a lil easle out of it, fantabydozy :P

also acouple of old work iv done at college aswell based on portraits of ordinary people that has a surreal theme with 1 shade of colour on each image, been used with pigment pens and colour pencil.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

i'v used a variety of different medium for some of my work, thought i broaden my horizons on it insted of using pencil all the time, using materials such as pigment pens, coloured pencils, and indian ink. i paricularly like using the pigment pens alot as it makes the image stand out. i also love using watercolours in my pieces as it has unpredictable effects to the work.

At the moment im working on 7 A2 size portraits that will be submited for my upcoming exhibition on january on the phonebooth gallery site

this will be a mixed media theme that includes pigment pens,watercolours and pencil. hopfully they will be all finished by the end of december and available to purchase :D.


this is pritty new to me as i havnt done somthing like this in donkeys yrs!. iv finally found the time to actually create this blog to advertise my work that i have produced in the passed few yrs insted of using my myspace page all the time. this way more people will have the chance to look at my illustrations that dont have myspace. woo hoo!

so anyways heres a couple of recent stuff iv created tis month, i have a tendancy of makeing one or two drawings a day just to keep me occupied from boredom, seein as i dont do much in the house :S , been doing it for the last 2 years and has improved alot in my drawing. i recommend that people who is interested in art to try it out! :D. ill add more stuff up here soon wen ever i find the time to do so.