Monday, 30 November 2009

today iv done a bit of watercolour painting, looked through images on to get some ideas on sposes and figure drawing. i also tried looking for some good dressed people to draw them as characters in my sketchbook. picked three that tickled my fancy.

i created these characters to have different types of animal masks to show there personality .
honestly i wasnt comftable in painting these characters , i just went with the flow n see what the end result would look like. i think i might use this medium more often as im to use to using pencil and pen all the time.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Also iv produced a few designs this week that, done with pigment pens. just gotten use to doing these type of stuff compared to what i usually do. i find doing this type of drawing fun and experimental. i love getting into depth with the pens and drawing small intricate patterns. even though it is a time consumer, i realy enjoy doing it.

and also finally i did a design for MTV playgrounds compitition, did the catagory called the shirt inwhch i suprisingly won 1st on. the price that recieved for it is 20x shirt of my own design and that they use my image for there shirt brand. pritty shweet.

heres the design that i done for it.

wow i havnt posted anything on here in so long. been slightly busy drawing and shirt deisgn comissions. just so happen i done a commission for nike US which is pirtty ace. will post an image of the design aswell as the shirt it self when they send mi one hopefully, also done stuff for tank theory and done a package design for don't panics next package issue, im rather excited to see what the image looks like on package, yay!.

anywho here are a few images iv produced from my mental yet creative mind.