Monday, 15 March 2010

hmm which looks better?

this was a shirt commission i done for a maternity wear, the design is about things that go through a womans mind when there pregnant or things that revolve around choldhood. like cuddly toys and candy ect.

had to do a second version of the design as the 1st design was a tad complicated as it was hard to make out the things in the hair as well as the face looking a bit gloomy.

the second design was much clearer and better lookin, with the face being the focus point as its nice and simple n now shade to it and also the hair is less intricate so the main objects in the hair are easy to make out.


Inside the Rock Poster Frame said...

Second one is better. First one does not have enough "mom" images.

Erin McPhee said...

I prefer the second one as well. :) Very nice work.

PFFT! said...

thanks !
yeh the art director said she prefers the second 1 too. relates more to motherly things compared to the other design that kinda relates to womens interest in fashionable items.
though i kinda like the face on the first design even though it is a tad gloomy n alot of depth init.