Tuesday, 16 March 2010

today is a sunny day, and i chosen to stay in on this sunny day. crazy?, watever :P.

i would like to go out n do some urban sketching but got no1 to go with so im stayin in as im a loner haha.

Anywhos iv decided to do a shirt design as a lil personal project of mine, seeing as im bored i might aswell!. thinking of doing somthing intricate and authentic, so im going to find some images of different flowers for some ideas , im also going to incorperate a butterfly into the design so it becomes the focus point when looking at it.

I could use a butterfly or a bird, still pondering on which 1 to use.
I got the idea on doing this design from looking at these incredible images on the amazing magical box (a.k.a my laptop) and made mi really motivated in doing somthing floral. some of these images i love looking at as theres so much going on in them and i just love pattern designs.
and they also make mi wanna drew somthing epic :D.

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Jackie said...

I am completely in love with all of your work